Weed? How To Get and Know Quality Weed

Weed No way? What Makes a Good weed?

What Actually makes a good weed?

I have been asked this question many times in life by regular weed smokers and new ones.  I always tell them the first thing you may want to ask yourself is… “What strain of weed do I have or want to buy?  

I am not going to talk in depth technical terms on here.  I just want to use simple terms and words so everyone can understand what makes up a good weed to smoke or buy.

Does the color of weed make a difference?

You would be amazed that about 90 percent of people I talk with  don’t know the answer to this!

Most people think that weeds are supposed to be all white (trichomes and pistils) on the buds when they buy or smoke it!

This is simply not true for most strains out there in the world!  When it grows, it does get white during the “budding” stage.  When it gets later in the weeks (depending on strain) the white (trichomes and pistils) should start turning brown/amber and this is a sign the weed is is getting ready to ripen.

Here is a pic of typical white bud that people like to buy but don’t know the difference (Hit pic to zoom in)


As you can see there is a bit of brown but a lot of white left on it (This is not fully ripened) If you check the “More Info” link below it will show you some more info on ripen bud.  More Info

Here is a pic of weed that is fully ripened

Diesel Hashroom Weed

If you zoom in on the bud pic, you can see all the dark crystals in the weed. This is a ripened bud with proper light and other variables that were used to grow it food etc,

Now that you have seen the 2 differences, others will tell you its a matter of taste! I kind of have to disagree, as you want a taste with certain foods and the like… but when it comes to weed I want weed and not vinegar if you get my meaning!  I realize some people like their apples sour, but would you not benefit from the ripen… sugar… fomented… good tasting apple?  I know I would, especially Granny Smith.  Maybe you like sour apples that’s OK I do too once in awhile!

So in essence, It is better to have a fully ripen bud in your bag then a half or 3/4 ripen bud.  I would figure most people would know this that smoke weed, but Ive learned that most just like the “look” of a bud instead of getting an actually good weed!  It is too bad most people think that way because they are missing out on great great weed.  If you want to get one of the best grown weeds try the Diesel Hashroom bud at this link Hit Me

Another point I would like to make is there are a few strains out there that do stay a good white color when ripened, but that is far and few in between!  So my best advice is to look at the bud and see if its ripened and knowing the strain also helps.  If you are unsure check google or ask away in our forum. We have a few Masters that can answer some of your questions when they pop in and out to see if anyone has left any questions that the Admin cannot answer.

Thank You for reading this little quip about getting quality bud. I know we all have our own ideas what makes great weed. This is just one of them and in my opinion, will and should help others!  Until then… Have a Happy 420!!

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